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INTEGRITY offers two methods of composting for profit, The INTEGRITY Aerated Static Pile (ASP) method.

The INTEGRITY Aerated Static Pile method forces air through the pile and controls temperature to optimize the biological process. Pathogen and weed seed kill are complete in about 21 days and the odor free material can be used for bedding and as an agricultural soil amendment. For compost sold off the farm, the pile should be turned and the composting process extended for another three weeks to assure a market grade material that has a soil-like texture. The ASP method is inexpensive, fast and effective requiring a fairly small foot print and is best undertaken in a commodity shed which increases the initial set-up expense. It is best suited for smaller operations.

In-vessel Composting is similar to the ASP method but the process occurs on a continuous basis (rather than a batch basis) inside a specially designed inclined, rotating drum. It is fed by a specialized Manure Separator. Pathogen and weed seed kill are accomplished in a matter of a few days and the finished material is dry, consistent and ready for use as bedding as it exits the drum.

INTEGRITY Aerated Static Pile (ASP) Method

In-Vessel Drum Composting occurs on a continuous basis and produces a consistent, high quality manure compost. This material can be used on the farm for bedding, sold off the farm for bedding or sold as compost.

Composting results in a bulk reduction of 40 to 60 percent which means reduced handling costs.

All INTEGRITY composting methods require little space and use oxygen (air) verses the traditional Turned Windrow method which requires a lot of space and relies to a some extent on anaerobic (without oxygen) decomposition. By blowing air through the compost pile or through the rotating drum, aerobic (oxygen loving) organisms are stimulated and these microbes digest organic material up to 20 times faster than anaerobes. This makes the INTEGRITY methods of composting extremely fast verses the Turned Windrow method.

INTEGRITY Composting systems can be small and simple with manual inputs, or large and fully automated.