Since 1994, Integrity has installed more than 200 manure management/treatment systems. Integrity continues on the forefront of innovative technology, partnering with forward thinking producers, regulators and major universities to provide effective, practical manure management solutions.

Learn how Integrity can help you and your business!

With over 200 installations throughout the US and an experienced management, engineering and service staff, INTEGRITY is the leading supplier of manure management systems that work.

Common Goals & Objectives
  • Improve Community Relations

    • Odor Control
    • Regulatory Compliance

  • Increase Farm Profitability

    • Increase Herd Size on Same Land
    • Bedding Production/Recovery
    • Manure Separation
    • Energy Production
    • Sell High Value Compost
    • Earn Nutrient/Carbon Credits
    • Reduce hauling costs
    • Reduced land application costs

  • Improve the Environment

    • Enhance Anaerobic Digestion
    • Improve Flushwater Quality
    • Improve Lagoon Health
    • Less Reliance on Tanking Manure
    • Less Reliance on Contract Haulers
    • Reduce Environmental Liability
    • Irrigation of Manure Liquids
    • Nutrient Management
    • Bedding Sanitization

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